First Tee Life Skills Experience Program

First Tee - Greater Richmond uses golf as the platform to strengthen the character of our community - teaching life lessons and leadership skills, sessions include a fun, group setting for youth ages 4 to 18 regardless of background or previous experience. Teaming up with experts in positive youth development, The First Tee helps youth become good golfers and even better people. First Tee emphasizes Nine Core Values: Honesty, Integrity, Sportsmanship, Respect, Confidence, Responsibility, Perseverance, Courtesy and Judgment. Through golf and First Tee Nine Core Values, participants will learn life skills such as resolving conflicts, setting goals, and planning for the future. Participants progress through different levels by demonstrating First Tee Nine Core Values and golf skills as well as passing assessments. Please click on the left side menu for schedules and registration links. CLICK HERE TO VIEW UPDATED 2022 PROGRAMMING SAFETY PROTOCOLS Before Registering:
  • All participants ages 7 and older regardless of skill level start at the PLAYer level.
  • No equipment is needed – First Tee can provide all necessary equipment.
  • No walk-up registrations accepted; all participants must be registered prior to attending class.

Financial Aid

A founding purpose of First Tee is to make golf more accessible to all youth, particularly young people who otherwise may not have an opportunity to learn and play the game. Our policy is to provide access to programs regardless of a participant’s ability to play. Our financial aid program is funded by generous donors. Parents/guardians may apply for financial aid as part of the online registration process. Once you have applied for financial aid through the online registration, you will receive an email notification and can then complete the registration.
  • ​We cannot offer any ​prorated pricing for ​the ​Life Skills Experience Classes or Summer Camps.
  • Refunds ​will be subject to a $​15​.00 administrative fee.
  • Participants receiving financial aid are ​expected to have attendance records in good standing to ​remain eligible for future aid.
For further information, please contact Brittany Woo: [email protected]


Little Legends

Introduction to basic golf skills through fun games and developmentally-appropriate golf equipment. Ages 4-6.


Entry level to First Tee Life Skills Experience Program regardless of age or golf skills level. Coaches group participants by age and ability to properly introduce the game of golf while learning The First Tee Code of Conduct and Nine Core Values, appreciating the rules and etiquette of the sport and developing golf skills. Minimum age 7.


Continued emphasis on golf skills, rules or play, interpersonal skills, and self-management skills on and off the course. Minimum age 9 and PLAYer certified. 


Continued emphasis on golf skills, etiquette, goal setting, on and off the course. Minimum ages 11 and Par certified.


Building on all golf skills and focus on resilience, conflict resolution, and future planning. Ace is the highest level on First Tee Life Skills Experience Program and focuses on education, career, and giving back to the community. Minimum age 13 and Birdie certified.

NEWLY ADDED! Study Hall for First Tee Participants

Open to anyone in Birdie, Eagle, or Ace Class. If in Par or PLAYer, you must be 13+ years old. This is a great opportunity to complete homework assignments prior to class or build in time to practice golf! *Even though this is FREE, participants need to be registered if planning to attend at any point during this time frame. This will help monitor maximum capacities and social distancing indoors.

The First Tee Certification Process

To advance through the First Tee Life Skills Experience, participants must complete the Certification Process. This process includes written tests covering Life Skills Appreciation and Golf Knowledge in addition to playing tests to cover their Golf Skills. First Tee - Greater Richmond will hold certification days at the end of each programming session for participants wishing to advance through the First Tee Life Skills Experience.