Youth on Course membership provides members with access to play rounds of golf for $5 or less at over 1,400 golf courses across all 50 states!  Not only do they provide opportunities for young people to play golf in an affordable manner, but also resources for career prep, leadership, and scholarships.  More information on Youth on Course can be found here.

About Youth On Course Memberships

First Tee – Greater Richmond is offering a membership to all participants ages 4 to 18.  This optional membership is $50.00 that can be added upon registering a child for a First Tee class. Memberships cannot be pro-rated and is non-refundable. We will continue to offer, upon request, full or partial financial aid for memberships and programming fees for young people who qualify for Federal Free or reduced lunch at school, or those in financial need.
First Tee - Greater Richmond Youth On Course Membership Perks:
  • Youth on Course Membership (typically a $50 cost if purchased elsewhere)
  • 10% savings on LSE Class registrations in 2021
  • USGA Handicap
“Greater Richmond Player Package” - received upon registration
  • First Tee Golf Hat (retail $15)
  • First Tee Ball Marker Hat Clip (retail $5)
  • First Tee Socks (retail $15)

Youth On Course Membership FAQs

Can I purchase just the First Tee Greater Richmond membership without enrolling for a class? No, membership requires participation in a First Tee program. How do I purchase this membership? Upon registering your child for their first class of the year, parents/guardians can click the “Add membership” button the left of the participant’s name. This will add the $50 membership to your cart and allow you to sign your participant up for programming. When does my membership expire? All memberships are annual and expire December 31 of each calendar year. When and how will my participant receive their Player Package? All participants will receive their player package on the first day of programming. If you are not signed up for the programming the same season as the purchase of membership – you may contact Brittany Woo, Senior Director of Programs, to coordinate which facility to pick up the “Player Package”.