Player Development Academy

First Tee – Greater Richmond’s Player Development Academy is a supplemental program for participants seeking more competitive playing experiences. Through these advanced courses, Player Development Professionals will issue participants a series of goals and objectives that are not only educational but provide a long term road map for success on and off the golf course.   

All participants seeking to enroll in the Player Development Academy must have been enrolled in a First Tee Program within the last year.


Player Development Academy courses are limited to 10 participants to provide more individual based instruction. 

If your participant has expressed interest in more competitive opportunities, please see the Spring and Summer options below and communicate with the appropriate Player Development Professional to learn more. 

Sterling Simmons, Player Development Professional at The Tattersall Youth Development Center.

Ana Ferreyra Heit, Player Development Professional at Belmont.


Spring 2024:

  • Chesterfield (The Tattersall Youth Development Center) on Thursdays from 4:30 – 5:30pm for participants ages 7+ (March 21st – May 9th)
  • Henrico (Belmont)  on Fridays from 5:45 – 6:45pm for participants ages 12+ (March 22nd – May 10th)
  • No programs the week of March 29th – April 5th (Spring Break)

Summer 2024:

  • Chesterfield (The Tattersall Youth Development Center) on Thursdays from 4:30pm-5:30pm for participants ages 7+
    • Summer Session 1: June 6- June 27
    • Summer Session 2: July 11- August 1
  • Henrico (Belmont) on Wednesdays from 5:00pm-6:00pm for participants ages 12+
    • Summer Session 1: June 5- June 26
    • Summer Session 2: July 10- July 31

Pricing & Financial Aid

Player Development Academy Spring Course: $100

Player Development Academy Summer Session I: $60

Player Development Academy Summer Session II: $60

Participants enrolled in the Player Development Academy are encouraged to apply what they are learning in their courses out on the golf course through First Tee Matches, Tournament Series, or external golf tournaments to grow through challenges.  

First Tee Matches: $25 

Tournament Series Entry Fees: $50

A founding purpose of First Tee is to make golf more accessible to all youth, particularly young people who otherwise may not have an opportunity to learn and play the game. Our policy is to provide access to programs regardless of a participant’s ability to play. Our financial aid program is funded by generous donors. Parents/guardians may apply for financial aid as part of the online registration process. Once you have applied for financial aid through the online registration, you will receive an email notification and can then complete the registration.

​We do not offer any ​prorated pricing for First Tee Programs.

Refunds are subject to a $15.00 administrative fee. (same reference as above, need to link to a more formal policy)

Participants receiving financial aid are ​expected to have attendance records in good standing to ​remain eligible for future aid.