2024 Spring & Summer First Tee Matches, Tournaments, and Special Events

In addition to great Spring and Summer programs, First Tee – Greater Richmond will have plenty of other exciting events happening this Spring and Summer! From our very own First Tee matches, to LPGA*USGA Girls Golf activities, to a new tournament series, there are plenty of ways to participate at any of our three locations.

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LPGA*USGA Girls Golf

LPGA*USGA Girls Golf is a junior program for girls ages 6-17 that specializes in providing girl-friendly environments to learn and experience the game of golf. First Tee – Greater Richmond is proud to be an LPGA*USGA Girls Golf site and will provide field trips, creative craft nights, golf, and time well spent with friends. All Girls Golf memberships are FREE, however you must be registered in the LPGA*USGA Girls Golf site to attend First Tee – Greater Richmond’s Girls Golf events.

If you are interested in participating, but are not a member and would like more information, please contact Grace Huffman by clicking here.

Upcoming LPGA*USGA Girls Golf Events:

  • Wednesday, June 5th: Calling all dads! Join us at The Tattersall Youth Development Center for a father-daughter 9-hole scramble. Tee times begin at 5:00pm. ($25, inclusive of father and daughter)  
  • Thursday, June 13th: Help us cheer on the Richmond Ivy, our local women’s pre-professional soccer team at City Stadium! Kickoff is at 7:00pm against the Patuxent Football Athletics. (16 complimentary tickets, tickets will be first come first serve)
  • Friday, July 19th: I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream on National Ice Cream Day at the Elson Redmond Memorial Driving Range. Join us from 5:00pm-6:00pm for fun golf activities followed by an ice cream social courtesy of Gelati Celesti.  ($10)
  • Sunday, August 11th: The LPGA*USGA Girls Golf Programs from First Tee – Greater Richmond and The Dominion Club are partnership together for a fun day of golf followed by a pool party! Grab your suit and join us from 8:00am-1:00pm. ($15)

First Tee Matches

First Tee Matches provide participants the opportunity to apply the skills they are learning in their First Tee courses out on the golf course. The goal is to shoot even par on 9-holes or 12-holes, by working from green to tee box versus the traditional tee box to green to build confidence and provide a motivating way to learn and progress in the sport. Once participants are able to shoot even par from their division, they will advance to the next division. You must be an active participant enrolled in a First Tee course to participate in the First Tee Matches. The division breakdowns include:

Division I – 25 yards

Division II – 50 yards

Division III – 100 yards

Division IV – 150 yards

Division V – 200 yards

Division VI – Full Tee Box

First Tee Matches cost $25.

If you have questions about the First Tee Matches or are wondering if your child is ready to take the next step in golf, our Player Development Professionals at each of our locations can assist in providing their recommendations. Click their names below to contact them!

Ana Ferreyra Heit, Player Development Professional at Belmont

Sterling Simmons III, Player Development Professional at The Tattersall Youth Development Center

Grace Huffman, Player Development Professional at the Elson Redmond Memorial Driving Range 

First Tee Tournament Series

First Tee – Greater Richmond is committed to providing pathways for participants to continue to learn, grow, and thrive on and off the golf course. The First Tee Tournament Series is designed for participants and non-participants ages 10-18 to further their competitive golf journey by competing in 18-hole tournaments at two of First Tee – Greater Richmond’s premier facilities, Belmont and The Tattersall Youth Development Center. These tournaments are restricted by age (10-18) and are recommended for junior golfers interested in participating in other competitive junior tours such as US Kids, Peggy Kirk Bell,  AJGA, VSGA Junior Circuit, etc.,  looking to play or currently playing on their high school golf team, or playing collegiate golf.  This tournament series is also a great preparation tool for First Tee participants seeking to attend regional and national First Tee opportunities. Juniors will play from the full tee boxes and must meet the requirements below: 

  1. I have a Golf Handicap (GHIN) – these are free for all junior golfers, to get set-up with an official golf handicap, please contact Ana Ferreyra Heit or Sterling Simmons III.
  2. I have my own set of golf clubs
  3. I am able to carry or push my own golf bag on a golf course for 18 holes
  4. I have played multiple 9 hole, 12 hole, or 18 hole rounds of golf

Each First Tee Tournament entry fee is $50.

Financial Aid

A founding purpose of First Tee is to make golf more accessible to all youth, particularly young people who otherwise may not have an opportunity to learn and play the game. Our policy is to provide access to programs regardless of a participant’s ability to play. Our financial aid program is funded by generous donors. Parents/guardians may apply for financial aid as part of the online registration process. Once you have applied for financial aid through the online registration, you will receive an email notification and can then complete the registration. Participants receiving financial aid are ​expected to have attendance records in good standing to ​remain eligible for future aid.