Local Seeks Local

The Richmond community is filled with businesses and organizations seeking a common goal: serving the community to strengthen its local connections and diversify its consumer base. In this endeavor, no business or organization is too unique to make a difference – and thanks to Richmond Wine Station, The First Tee of Greater Richmond will be beneficiary of their inaugural Appreciation Month in June.

Making the connection

Locally rooted in Scott’s Addition, Richmond Wine Station thirsted for an opportunity to tie themselves to the RVA community. As a result, Jeff Wells, Senior Partner of RWS, began an endeavor to give back to “good organizations that are delivering high quality services to our local people.” Richmond Wine Station Appreciation Month will engage customers, old and new, in a mission to connect with the RVA community.

Why The First Tee?

While The First Tee is a national organization, the Greater Richmond chapter is making a difference locally – and Jeff Wells is not shy to unveil his experience. “The First Tee is a great program and the youth I’ve met are incredible. This is a program that really affects a life,” he says. Collaborating with The First Tee of Greater Richmond will meet the goal behind Richmond Wine Station Appreciation Month and proceeds will ensure high quality, mission-driven ongoing youth programs at The First Tee.
Our youth are everything. If we can change the course of one child’s life then you indirectly change the lives of ten others.” Jeff Wells*, Senior Partner, Richmond Wine Station
*A special thanks to Jeff for his pledge to match 100% of proceeds generated for The First Tee of Greater Richmond upon completion of the Richmond Wine Station Appreciation Month. He’s challenging YOU to join him!

join us in june

The First Tee of Greater Richmond will receive 10% of revenue generated at Richmond Wine Station on Wednesdays and Sundays throughout the month of June. Visit their website to view food and beverage offerings. Hours of Operation: Wednesdays, 4pm to 11pm; Sundays, 3pm to 8pm Location: 2930 West Broad Street, Richmond, VA 23230 For questions regarding this partnership, please contact: Madison Medlin, Senior Director of Marketing & Events – [email protected]    

Make Summer Count

Looking for something your child can do this summer that is both fun AND educational? Consider an activity that keeps them active while learning values and life skills that will help in school and at home: GOLF.  The First Tee of Greater Richmond is the perfect fit. We offer camps and 8-week programs all summer long – all skill levels welcome!

three reasons why your child should learn golf this summer


Golf is for everyone – and it’s a lifelong sport! We offer youth golf programs and summer camps to youth ages 4 to 17, no matter their background or experience – and scholarships are available! Our policy is to provide access to programs regardless of a participant’s ability to play.


Studies1 show that kids are spending less time outside these days. Coaches at The First Tee teach participants the game of golf through experience-based learning – on the driving range, the practice greens, or the golf course.

golf is more than a game

While learning the game of golf, The First Tee delivers seamless lesson plans teaching life skills, core values, and healthy habits through the game of golf. This character education program provides a fun, active environment to teach youth how to set goals, resolve conflicts, communicate, and manage emotions.

make your summer count

Registration is open! Give us an opportunity to teach your child more than a sport this summer – we will teach life skills that last.

The First Tee golf Camp

We offer seven weeks of camp, both half day and full day options available. Click here to learn more! The First Tee Golf Camp FAQs

8-week Summer Programs

Summer programs begin June 19th at both programming facilities – click the links below to view class schedules: The Tattersall Youth Development Center at The First Tee Chesterfield Golf Course The Elson Redmond Memorial Driving Range

The 2017 Annual Review

The First Tee of Greater Richmond shares annual reviews to summarize the great achievements of our work. Because of your support of our mission, our programs help kids become better golfers – but even more importantly – better people who strengthen the character of our community.

The 2017 annual review: A Summary

Impact. Positively impacting the lives of young people through character education using golf as its context. Collaboration. Collaboratively connecting with the RVA community through intentional partnerships with other youth-serving organizations. Expansion. Expanding the footprint of The First Tee National School Program to 127 total elementary schools. Innovation. Integrating innovative initiatives in renovation efforts to provide the utmost experience for the youth, patrons, and investors in RVA. Investment. Ensuring partner investments provide the chapter with new opportunities to strengthen the character of our community.

Click here to read our 2017 Annual Review

From our leadership

This publication is a chance for us to share our achievements and progress over the past year, while also highlighting all the special people committed to our great mission. We delight in the opportunity to thank you and other supporters by showcasing how we’ve invested your dollars and other commitments. – Mike Walton, Board Chair I am excited to share with you the 2017 Annual Review. With your support, The First Tee of Greater Richmond will continue to expand its reach to impact the lives of more young people. Thank you for investing in the youth of our community. – Brent Schneider, CEO
Pictured from left to right: Mayor Levar Stoney, Ed McLaughlin, VCU Vice President & Director of Athletics, Brent Schneider, CEO, and Mike Walton, Board Chair at the Elson Redmond Memorial Driving Range grand reopening in October.


Building Tomorrow’s Leaders

The First Tee of Greater Richmond’s youth grow up to become leaders and positive influences on their community through positive youth development. Developing leaders requires recognizing then enhancing young people’s strengths – and our organization understands how. The First Tee uses golf a way to create supportive and positive environments needed to build on personal strengths. Through opportunities and positive mentoring relationships, youth today become leaders of tomorrow.

The First Tee of Greater Richmond Junior Leadership Board

The Junior Leadership Board provides young leaders with a chance to build onto their resume and put many of the skills learned from The First Tee classes in action. With monthly meetings to enhance leadership skills and share personal successes, participants are guaranteed to enjoy an interactive opportunity with their peers. In addition to leadership development activities, youth will collaborate to plan, organize, and lead special events – including a golf tournaments and fundraising events. APPLY TODAY
* Eligibility: Applicants must be Birdie Level (11) and higher.
* Application deadline: May 25th

BECOME A junior leadership board MENTOR

Your strengths are valuable to our youth – join the Junior Leadership Board as an adult mentor! Sit in on meetings, guide youth through Q&A sessions, and be a resource to their future. If you are interested in serving as a mentor to the Junior Leadership Board, please contact Emily Weinstein, Senior VP of Impact – [email protected].


Local participation leads to national opportunity

The First Tee of Greater Richmond doesn’t just get kids on the course, it offers them exciting opportunities for growth. With the help of our corporate partners, The First Tee hosts a series of events to more advanced participants, allowing them to meet new people, play golf, achieve greatness, and show off core values in action.

taking the next steps

Select your event: The First Tee is hosting 10 exciting junior golf and leadership events this year for teen participants. Submit your application: Ed Gill, Director of Instruction, will review before final submission. Most of the events have a selection process that includes an application reviewed by a committee. Download the 2018 National Participant Opportunities Info Sheet 2018 National Participant Opportunities are underway – to apply for events with deadlines already passed, stay connected with us for next year’s event application releases.

BRINGing IT LOCAL: support a national opportunity in rva

Sponsor foursomes play with event participants.
The First Tee of Greater Richmond hosts and benefits from The First Tee National Par-3 Championship every June. The event gathers 32 high-schoolers, nominated by their local chapters, who put The First Tee Nine Core Values into practice in their lives and through their golf skills. Support from this event will directly benefit The First Tee of Greater Richmond’s annual operations and programs. For all questions about supporting The First Tee National Par-3 Championship, please contact Madison Medlin, Senior Director of Marketing and Events: [email protected]    

Connecting the RVA Community

The First Tee of Greater Richmond is proud to connect with and engage other local youth-serving organizations through dynamic partnerships. For over ten years, The Children’s Hospital Foundation and The First Tee have collaborated to build a platform for youth to network, lead, and exemplify positive character education.

mission Alignment

Like The First Tee of Greater Richmond, The Children’s Hospital Foundation is dedicated to tomorrow’s leaders. Through character education to increase life skill development and pediatric initiatives to advance the status of youth health care, the two organizations strive to positively impact the lives of youth in our region.

Children Fore Children Golf Tournament

Youth ages 5-18 participate in the event.
The First Tee instills core values like honesty, integrity, and respect on and off the green. The Children’s Hospital Foundation gives junior golfers a way to reinforce these values through the Children Fore Children Golf Tournament. The participants have a chance to put these principles into action on the course during play and off the course through individual fundraising efforts. “We love the Children Fore Children Golf Tournament because it provides a wonderful opportunity to children in the community to participate in a great game of golf but more importantly to help other kids! It is wonderful to see how passionate the junior golfers are about supporting other kids right here in our community.” – Stephanie Allan, Vice President for Community Development

Become a partner today

The First Tee of Greater Richmond seeks to engage partners whose mission and objectives align and where opportunities to exist to maximize the impact on the community. For partnership opportunities, please contact: Emily Weinstein, Senior VP of Impact: [email protected].

Why Should You Become A Mentor?

Relationships matter. Especially mentoring relationships. In fact, they’re life-changing. Mentoring relationships are a shared opportunity for learning and growth – and The First Tee of Greater Richmond is helping.

the power of relationships

Without caring mentors, positive youth development doesn’t just happen. Research has shown that young people in The First Tee refer to their coaches as mentors. Our youth participants believe coaches care about them, help them set goals, and inspire them to use the skills they’ve learned far beyond golf. The First Tee coaches build supportive relationships based on empathy, high positive expectations, and advocacy. See what coaches around The First Tee Network have to say about the relationships they formed:

make a difference today

If you are considering mentoring a young person, we are the right fit. No prior golf skills are necessary to teach life skills or core values – the sport is a perfect platform for helping young people develop character because just like in life, players experience the highs and lows of the game. Contact Berkley Jackson, Program Coordinator, to get involved: [email protected].
1“A Lasting Impact: The First Tee’s Role in Fostering Positive Youth Development,” 2015, Springfield College Center for Youth Development and Research

2017 – A Year of Growth

Volunteer Mike Hott assists with a swing.
The First Tee of Greater Richmond made great strides in 2017. Thanks to support from our donors, over 80,000 area youth received The First Tee curriculum in Life Skills Experience classes, elementary schools, and community partnerships.

The First Tee Life Skills Experience

Over 1,000 youth participated in on-course Life Skills Experience programs this year. Additionally, both female participation (+3%) and teen participation (+13%) increased from 2016.

The First Tee National School Program

The First Tee National School Program expanded into 58 additional elementary schools (to total 127) in the Richmond metro area to reach over 30,000 more youth. The First Tee also hosted over 20 events beyond National School Program delivery such as field trips, field days, and outreach programs.
The First Tee National School Program in action.

Collaborative Community Partnerships

The First Tee of Greater Richmond partnered with 27 community partners throughout the year impacting 11,000 youth. A few partners to highlight include: Big Brothers Big Sisters, Mary and Frances Youth Center Lobs and Lessons, Boys and Girls Club, Central Virginia Autism Society, Peter Paul Youth Development Center, Will2Golf, and The Fleming Fund. The First Tee also added 19 more DRIVE locations. With continued support, The First Tee of Greater Richmond will drive more youth forward in 2018. It is through our youth programs, collaborative partnerships, and ongoing relationships that we will strengthen the character of the Richmond community. MAKE YOUR IMPACT 

Beyond Elementary Schools

Coach Chase helps a student new to golf tee off during Golf Baseball.
The First Tee of Greater Richmond has partnered with several Chesterfield County middle schools this Fall to deliver the Life Skills Experience program through P.E. class. Coach Ed Gill, Coach Chase Northcott and other coaching staff from The First Tee have worked with over 1,500 students this semester. In the past few weeks, our coaches have spent time at Robious Middle School delivering The First Tee curriculum. Students have rotated through putting and chipping stations and played games such as Golf Baseball, all while learning The First Tee Nine Core Values. The First Tee of Greater Richmond is proud to be a partner with Chesterfield County Schools – The First Tee National School Program is in every elementary school and we continue to find ways to bring our program to the middle and high schools, too. Thank you, Chesterfield County Schools!
If you have questions about outreach opportunties, please contact Emily Weinstein, VP of Programming: [email protected]

Why invest in The First Tee?

At The First Tee of Greater Richmond we strive to not only make good golfers, but better people. Through the game of golf, our program aims to teach youth life skills that will make a lasting impact in their lives. With the help of our supporters, we will continue to reach more youth than ever before. Here are 9 reasons why you should give to The First Tee of Greater Richmond in 2017:
Values like confidence keep our youth engaged.
1. We are more than a game. We teach life skills that last. 2. We are a local 501(c)3 nonprofit – your gift is 100% tax deductible. 3. Our character education and life skills program help young people prepare for success in high school, college, and life. 4. We collaborate with 127 local elementary schools and 30 youth-serving organizations to deliver programs to Richmond area youth. 5. Our volunteers and coaches are trained in delivering The First Tee curriculum. 6. We provide program scholarships! The organization has spent over $1 million to provide programs for scholarship participants over the past seven years. 7. We are committed to The First Tee Code of Conduct: Respect for Myself, Respect for Others, Respect for My Surroundings. 8. We train our coaches to be mentors – both in golf and in life. 9. We cannot do it without you. MAKE YOUR IMPACT  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n4Rbpn9PHs8